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The rolling grassy hills of HorseShoe Mountain Collies..


The rolling, grassy hills of HorseShoe Mountain Collies Kennel are home to many very happy, healthy, well cared for and much loved, gorgeous collies.  Our collies receive only the best nutrition and care.  We have large fenced pastures and lots of room for them to play. 


Parents are eyetested.  Puppies are given their first shots, dewormed, and groomed before going to their new homes.  Puppies are socialized and play often with other dogs and children.  Our collies are all very gentle and very intelligent.  Every new owner receives valuable information on caring for their new family member, including information on the latest collie health research to give their vet.  

We also specialize in natural remedies to keep your pets healthy. 


A Collie is a friend for life.



In the 18th century, the Collie's natural home was in the Highlands of Scotland.  Thanks to the much beloved Lassie, Collies are the most famous Scottish dog of all time.  Other collies earned themselves a place in history through acts of valor, usually rescuing small children.  Stories of the courageous, devoted, and highly intelligent collie are still told to this day.                                  


More than just having a protective loving pet, it can be an educational opportunity for young people as well.  There are clubs to join, shows, and a lot of fun activities  that you can do with your pet collie.  Collies make wonderful therapy dogs: they're gorgeous and guaranteed to brighten your life.                           



So come on into our website and meet our collies. 

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