Here we are!

We are located in beautiful Western North Carolina, tucked into the Smoky Mountains near Asheville.  We have raised collies for over a decade.  Our collies are foremost our friends.  Some of our collie friends have been in the show ring.  All of our collies love to go hiking.  We have alot of trails here and alot of pastures to play in. 


We are very concerned about health and preventative care.  Our collies receive only the best nutrition and care.  Often, the excellant health of our puppies causes people to be amazed at how big our puppies are.  As adults, this dedication to health is transformed into happy, healthy collies of perfect collie standards.


We specialize in natural remedies to keep your pets healthy.  We are available to answer any of your health questions about what natural remedies are best for your pet.  Soon we will be publishing information about natural health formulas for animals, preventative care and problem solutions.  Feel free to call or email us.    

HorseShoe Mountain Collies 


HorseShoe, NC 28742
Tel: (828)891-8686